Gabi the Goat - front view
Gabi the Goat - front view Gabi the Goat - box with goodies Gabi the Goat - packaging Gabi the Goat - back view Gabi the Goat - squeaked Gabi the Goat - Instagram pictures @yougoatme
Premium Squeaky Toy

Gabi the Goat


Surprise your loved ones, play pranks on your friends, or get creative and see if you can make the next viral sensation!

Meet Gabi the Goat... she’s the ultimate squawking goat toy that offers endless hours of wacky fun with her annoyingly delightful shrieks...

…and she makes a positive social impact too!


Well most girls in rural Morocco have to stop school at age 12 and miss out on much needed education.

We want this to change, so we partnered with Education For All Morocco who help these girls to get the education they deserve.

Each purchase of Gabi the Goat gives a girl in Morocco 3 days of education and housing.

Gabi the Goat is 12” tall and comes in a sleek gift box with a bunch of cool stickers and postcards :-)

#GabiTheGoat #EducationForAll #YouGoatMe

You may also donate directly to Education For All.

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Social Impact

Gabi the goat - social impact

Thanks to your purchase we can help girls in rural Morocco to have a better education and follow their dreams.

We’ve partnered with the non-profit Education For All Morocco to help build and run high-quality boarding houses near secondary schools. These boarding houses are provided free to girls aged 12-18 who wouldn’t usually be able to afford an education.

Each purchase you make empowers a girl in Morocco and provides her with 3 days of education and housing.

Find out more about the girls →